This project is an eco-friendly estate that comprises TWO-bedroom apartments and THREE-bedroom apartments built with unique “Earth Bricks (red bricks)”. The project will be built on a 8-acre secured land in Ewekoro local government area. The distance to railway station is 5km which is about 2 minutes drive. This means that, anyone can live in our Homes and also work in Lagos which is a 30 minutes journey by railway. There would be bus shuttle to oshodi Daily Monday to Friday.There would be land reserved for subscribers who like gardening. We refer to this as living in style and working hassle-free. We have factored in convenience, health and wellbeing of all the occupants who will be living in our “Eco-friendly” estate.

Your experience living at “THE BACHELORS AND BACHELORETTES HOMES” would be the best because” you would love to live here”. There are amazingly astonishing features that would make intending home owners make rewarding decisions. They include;


  • Affordable homes from 8 million Naira only.
  • Flexible payment regime:Payement preiod of 10 years after 30% down payment
  • Eco-friendly environment with individual crop growing gardens.
  • Each house would come would solar and inverter system
  • Easy access to neighboring state via railway infrastructure.
  • Fully secured estate.
  • Recreational gardens.
  • Recreational center and Indoor swimming pool.
  • Exquisite kitchen cabinetry and flooring.
  • On-Demand interior.


THE BACHELORS AND BACHELORETTS HOMES are available on a rent-to-own plan which can be accessed on a first come, first served basis due to limited units of the first phase. Interested occupants should CLICK HERE to complete the eligibility and due diligence form.
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